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Coaching and Voice training for professional voice users. You may be a singer, speaker, actor, therapist, coach, manager, teacher, trainer, business owner; anyone using their voice significantly in their day to day work.

Here you will find services to support and help you build the skills and confidence to communicate fully with your voice. You can make an impact! Although they are listed separately, they interlink and can be combined to suit your needs.

Vocal Training

vocal training anne with paper larynx

You will learn powerful techniques to transform your voice and get the most from it in any situation. We will work together in the best way for you to release your unique voice, allowing you to communicate with confidence, clarity and authenticity.

“Anne is amazing at what she does. The difference I saw in just twenty minutes blew me away!”

Jasbir Aora,
Training and Development Coach

vocal lessons jasbir arora

Personal Growth Coaching

vocal lessons personal growth coaching

You will be listened to and helped to move forwards with things that keep you stuck; in your voice or in your life. Together we will discover how you can hear your true, inner voice and overcome the “voice in the head” that so often limits you. This process works well when integrated with voice training or mentoring but can also stand on its own.

“She has been sensitive, caring and genuine, and displayed an authentic desire to help me overcome some of the bad mental habits I’d got into, which were having a very negative effect on my performance.”

Pete Morten,
Rock Singer, My Soliloquy

vocal lessons pete morten

Singing Teacher Mentoring

vocal training singing teacher mentoring

Being a singing teacher is a special thing. Mentoring means that you will have an experienced teacher to support you and help you to help your students more effectively. We will work to plug any knowledge gaps, evaluate your teaching and develop the tools you need to grow in your teaching career.

“Anne is understanding and allows us to free our vulnerability and really absorb all the wonderful knowledge she has. This is done in a safe, supportive way and I now feel I have real building blocks to help me in practice.”

Jacqui Podoski,
Singing Teacher

vocal lessons jacqui podoski
vocal lessons anne with books



Vocal Trainer and Coach: Vocal Intuition
Tutor on Teacher Accreditation Programme: Vocal Process Ltd
Vocal Technique Teacher: Liverpool Theatre School
Visiting Lecturer: LIPA
INSET: Hampshire Music Service
Spoken Voice Training: Rosliston Forestry Centre
Inside the Singing Voice Training: Alongside Dr Gillyanne Kayes, Vocal Process Ltd
Finalist Van Lawrence Award: British Voice Association 2014
Voice Training: Developed with the Lowry Programme
Keynote Presentations: The Professional Speaking Association
This is Your Voice in Business: Vocal Intuition
the british Voice Association
Vocal Process
Guidhall School of Music & Drama
Hampshire Music Service
Lancaster University
Liverpool Theatre School
Rosliston Forestry Centre
The Lowry
Peter King
Associate Teacher

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