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Did you know that your voice functions best when your body works alongside your inner Self – what makes you tick? You have probably tapped into this naturally at times of happiness, stress, pain, determination and so on.

Unfortunately that connection can be lost e.g. when you lack confidence, or when you wish to express something that your vocal ability won’t allow. This means that your singing or speaking may not communicate what you really want to say.

Imagine being able to understand more about yourself, integrate this with powerful vocal techniques and communicate your message with confidence and authenticity. What difference would this make to you and your success as a singer or speaker?

Would you love to explore your voice in this way?


Some people call this “Life Coaching”. I prefer “Personal Growth Coaching” as it gets to the centre of what happens. It isn’t therapy or counselling. It is a chance for you to explore the things that keep you stuck and to be helped to find the best ways forward for you. Together we can work to get you “unstuck”.

It’s simple really. You talk, I listen and then we work together to find ways to move on. We may look at some things from your past, but we won’t dwell there. It is about growth. This allows you to get in touch with your inner Self and release your unique voice. As with my vocal training, the agenda is yours.

Once you have made such a journey, it stays with you. There is something new and wonderful in your life. It is the same with coaching. It is truly transformational.

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The best way is to have an initial session and find out. If you are 18 or over and open to exploring how small changes can make a huge difference to your life (and voice), then this is worthwhile.

Before making an initial booking I like to invite people to have a free discovery session with me so that we can chat about what you would like to do and check that my work is going to be right for you. After that you may book using my online calendar (I will give you a link) or by contacting me by email.

Ideally yes, as I’ve found this works best for coaching. In the case of integrated coaching and voice work you will definitely need an hour, or a plan that alternates one with the other. If other timeframes are necessary I would suggest 40 mins minimum.

No, I usually ask for the first three sessions to be booked on a weekly basis to get things properly started. We will chat about this in your first session and you can book according to your needs.

This depends on what helps you and the work we need to do. Every person is different. There is however no obligation to take a certain number of sessions, other than if you have booked a package (see below).

Coaching Options

You may opt for coaching on its own or integrated with your voice work (speaking or singing). We can have a free Discovery Call to chat about what would be best for you.

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This can be in-person, online or by phone, according to your needs. Sessions are usually one hour long. I find that this is the best way to support the process, without you being hurried or under pressure. As mentioned above the agenda is yours but I may set “homework” from time to time.

“My path seems so much clearer, but I don’t think it is because Anne is providing me with all the answers. The resources and tools that Anne draws from in every session allow me to do the work on myself that I so obviously needed to do. My self confidence is up and my anxiety is down.”

Hannah Selby Hughes,
Singing Teacher

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Again everything is personal and according to your needs. How we integrate the coaching element with your voice work will depend on those needs, as will the timing. We can discuss this in your Discovery Call and at your initial appointment.

“Anne has helped me greatly. The combination of singing and coaching together has had a huge impact on me and has improved my understanding of how closely the mind and voice work together. Anne provides a nurturing and encouraging environment, with lots of support. Her in depth knowledge and understanding proves invaluable! Even after training for years, I am learning so much about my voice, not only am I improving my vocal skills but also adapting my mindset and becoming more self aware. Thank you Anne.”

Bethany Lythgoe,
Musical Theatre Professional

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If you would like to experience personal growth coaching in a workshop setting with additional 1:1 support, then this programme is for you. The main ideas will be explored in the group and there will be personal support through the 1:1 sessions. The delivery will be online on a dedicated platform.

This will be coming soon. If you’d like to be on the list to find out more when details are available, please get in touch.

“Anne is a calm, kind spirit who I have known for many years, having worked with her on various vocal training retreats. I have received excellent mentoring from Anne in the past. More recently, having found myself a bit stuck professionally and personally, Anne did a coaching session with me. I found it enormously helpful and felt listened to. She offered some really useful perspectives and some tools to work with moving forward. I highly recommend Anne both for her vocal training work and her coaching work.”

Michaela Fedeczko,
Singer-Songwriter & Teacher

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How do fees work?

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1:1 fees are set according to your particular coaching programme. You may pay for individual sessions, or we may work out a package of sessions where you pay up-front, usually with a discount.


Fees for the group workshop will be set as advertised. If you’d like to be an “early adopter” at a discounted rate (beta tester) then do let me know.

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