Singing Teacher Mentoring


Are you a singing teacher looking for help and guidance to find better ways forward for yourself and your students? Someone experienced to explore ideas with? I can help.

Perhaps you are very new to teaching or just considering it. I can help with that too.

Over 25 years ago I started my journey as a singing teacher and have loved every step of it. I have been lucky enough to have great mentors along the way; people to listen, guide, teach and help. They wanted (and want) the best for me. Yes, that’s right. Even now, this far along in my career I have mentors. None of us can exist in isolation and having this kind of person in your life makes a huge difference to your skill and your growth as a teacher.

Teaching singing is a special thing and our students deserve us to be the very best that we can be at each stage in our journey. Mentoring is a part of that and it is one of my passions.

Mentoring Steps


Just as teaching is about working with the person in front of you, so is mentoring. This means that we will work in a way that is best for you, devising a programme with clear goals and exploring strategies to move towards them. The pace of this is up to you, although I will challenge you if you need it. It’s about taking things one step at a time.

With VI Mentoring you can:

“I first got in touch with Anne as I was keen to learn more about how the voice works as well as how to advise musical theatre performers on their vocals. Anne swiftly devised a 7 session programme tailored to my specific needs and since then I have learnt more than I ever expected to. Her knowledge and teaching techniques go above and beyond any expectations you may have. To put it simply, Anne’s love for the voice and her wealth of experience in the field make her the most engaging and joyful teacher.”

Joshua Griffiths, Assistant MD,
Chicago UK Tour

Mentoring Josh Griffiths


They do have some similarities; in both cases you will be listened to and helped to move forwards in your life and work. The main difference is that mentoring involves a teaching style element where you may be advised what to do and how. In coaching you will explore possibilities but the ultimate choice of what to do is yours.

Sessions can be 40 or 60 minutes long depending on your needs.

This depends on your own circumstances and goals. Some people check in for one or two sessions every now and then while others like to arrange a series (package) of sessions to suit them. We will discuss this at your initial session.

No, not exactly, this is not a training programme. I am here to guide you in your current teaching, suggest strategies and help you to improve. We can also look at the best ongoing training options for you.

Yes. We can work one to one, or through my unique mentoring programme for new singing teachers, Teachers’ Toolkit.

Yes. we can design a programme of sessions to suit you and your teaching practice. Again, we can also look at your best options for further study if that’s what you need.

Mentoring Options

Mentoring Teachers Toolkit


Single sessions, charged at an hourly rate, also bookable in 40 minute sessions, pro rata.

Package paid up-front (discount available) for sequences of 5 or 10 sessions. We can also discuss other options.

Teachers’ Toolkit has been running successfully now for six years. There is an online element to the course on a dedicated platform, plus six 1:1 mentoring sessions and a group workshop included. If you are a new or potential singing teacher, the Teachers’ Toolkit will help you to understand the basics of what it takes to teach singing successfully and guide you in the best ways for you to do this. You will gain fundamental teaching skills and vocal knowledge whilst benefitting from detailed objective feedback on your first lessons. We will set targets together so that you can make progress in your own way. Then you will be able to make decisions about your next level of training.

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Mentoring Anne Leatherland

“Teachers’ Toolkit has been paramount to my learning and development as a new singing teacher. I am much more confident in planning and leading my private lessons, and that is down to the expert knowledge and resources provided by Anne.”

Megan Daniels,
Singing Teacher

Mentoring Megan Daniels

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