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I’m here to help singers, singing teachers and other professional voice users to solve problems and move towards their goals.

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Singers and actors, would you like to be able to express yourself fully, without technical or personal hang-ups?

Would you like to understand how to use your voice skilfully, getting the most out of your students?

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Customers reviews

Anne is a great teacher to learn with, the passion and expertise she has is shared through interactive sessions and analysis. Not only have I found my own passion for teaching, I have been able to use the knowledge gained to strengthen my own singing voice and work towards being a more confident teacher!
Anne is highly knowledgeable and a great communicator. She has a calm and empathetic manner that makes learning with her, an uninhibited and highly productive interaction

Anne has helped me immensely over the last 5 months. Teaching can be quite isolating at times; Anne has been there to help & offer guidance - she’s incredibly patient & amazingly knowledgable! My vocabulary, understanding & confidence is growing steadily & it’s all down to Anne. Thank you.

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