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Postural Alignment Secrets for a Great Voice

Anne Leatherland/ October 8, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 2 comments

Many people say the same thing about producing their voice well when I first meet them: “You have to have good posture” or “you need to stand up straight.” It isn’t long before we explore this in more detail and discover that postural alignment it isn’t just about “standing up straight”. So, what is it about, and why is this

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Hear Your Self, Voice Your Self

Anne Leatherland/ August 5, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I have been a vocal trainer for over twenty years, but have recently completed 14 months of training in Life coaching. Why have I done this? Well, as I’ve said in previous blogs, your voice and your self are very much intertwined. I believe that we need personal growth in our lives, and that it can really help in voice

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Your Self and Your Voice Part II

Anne Leatherland/ June 17, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

This is a follow up to my last blog, where I talked about why both the body (physical technique) and the self (inner person) are part of using your voice. Both of these things have energy, and both energies can combine to give you a well produced and authentic voice. So, where do we start? Getting your self into your

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Your Self and Your Voice Part I

Anne Leatherland/ May 28, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 2 comments

Self? I’ve been a vocal trainer for over 23 years now, working with all kinds of voice users; singers, actors, teachers, business owners and presenters. My experience has confirmed what I have somehow always known: Your voice alone, regardless of its energy, tone, beauty is incomplete without a connection to the person you are, your “self”. It is this final

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Vocal Projection

Anne Leatherland/ February 18, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 2 comments

If you use your voice for a living the odds are that you will have heard people speak about vocal projection: “You just need to project your voice” or “project your voice to the back wall” etc. This got me thinking. What does vocal “projection” actually mean and how do we do it? Some common ideas In my search for

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Your Professional Voice is Your Business

Anne Leatherland/ January 20, 2020/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Professional Voice Use If you use your voice for a living this means that you rely on it for success in your business. This is obvious if you are a professional speaker, singer, actor or teacher. However, if you talk with many people in the day, have to guide people, present at meetings, make announcements, chair meetings or field phone

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