Change, the one constant thing in your self, voice and life!

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Yes, you read that correctly. Change is the only thing that is constantly happening in the universe. Don’t believe me? How many things do you know of that have never changed in any way? Everything changes.

Sometimes change seems positive, other times not so much. And yet, even seemingly unhelpful changes can teach you something, helping you to adapt and move forwards. I know that to be true of my own life in any case.

Change in your Self

Think about how you have changed over the years. There will have been changes in the way you look, your likes and dislikes, your friends and your life situation. What about the way you think? Well, that too will have developed, but you may well be forgiven for thinking, “but what about that voice in my head, the one that always says …” Fill in the blanks.

We all have that voice in the head. It helps us, warns us of danger and sometimes, quite frankly, screws us up! It’s the way the brain works. Your brain loves a problem. If it can’t find one, it will start the “what ifs”!

The important thing to recognise is that this voice in your head is not your true Self. It is changeable and sometimes stubborn in its negativity. The good news is that you can learn not to be ruled by this voice and to hear your real voice, deeper down. Coaching is all about this process.

So, ultimately what can change is how you see and express your Self, without being hampered by old “programming”. You just have to be willing to take the journey.

Change the voice in your head
You can change the voice in your head

Change in your voice

Actually, we’ve just been thinking about two voices; the one in your head and the one that represents the deeper you, your Self. So now, let’s consider your physical voice, the one you speak or sing with. You may identify this voice as part of who you are. That is to say, a way that you express that to the world. You can of course make changes to this voice through training. Effective training will enhance your ability to express your Self through your physical voice.

However, your physical voice will also change throughout your life. As muscles and tissues age, this change is natural. Why then are so many singers, for example, unhappy with the fact that their voice at 50 may not sound like it did at 20? Could it be that the voice in the head doesn’t like it? Perhaps this is because you feel that it no longer reflects you?

On the other hand, if your voice is lost or not working due to injury or illness, that change can be very hard to deal with. An empathetic voice practitioner will be needed to guide you back to health. The changes will be many. As a result, you and your voice will be different at the end of the process.

In short, voices can change and that’s ok.

What about your life?

If you could cut out the negative voice in the head, freeing your physical voice and expressing your Self fully, what difference would that make to your life?

These things are possible, with honest exploration and the development of some fundamental physical and mental skills. In conclusion, the journey is yours to take. Embrace the change and the results will be amazing.

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